… And We’re Back

Well, it’s been a wee bit longer than a few weeks; try over four years.  Yep, years.

Lots happened in the interim. Moved across the globe a few times. Ruptured my quadriceps tendon in Viet Nam. Suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in Thailand. Cut my heel and had to cruise on back home.

As for this site, Barking Book Reviews, it has got a new domain name — actually a subdomain — but it’s the same exact stuff that was here before. Even got the same pictures and whatnot.

I probably won’t post nearly as often as I once did, to be honest — as for the book news and whatnot, forget it; I let the Internet pass me by long ago. But there was a lot of traffic here, once upon a time, and I still had the database sitting around doing nothing, so I figured what the hell. Long live Barking Book Reviews!

A barking gocko, aka tokayThese days I’ve got other fish to fry, as it were, but I still love to read, so I’ll drop in — probably with a big ‘ole wall o’ text — when a can.


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